Most of the objects created by Color and Substance are one-of-a-kind, meaning that if one has to be reproduced it must be done from square one, and all the processes that were required to produce the original must be duplicated. Most of the items can be reproduced as they are shown depending on the availability of materials. Or the gallery may serve as inspiration for a piece that you would like created.

Natural Materials

Some of the pieces depicted in the Color and Substance gallery contain natural materials. Materials such as most ivories and tortoise shell are controlled. All of the materials that have been used in these pieces was obtained legally. Tortoise shell was collected on the beach of Naitauba Island and prepared for use by the resident Fijians. No animal was killed in the procurement of tortoise shell. Elephant ivory is controlled, but can be legally obtained. The ivory used in the pieces created by Color and Substance is old in origin and was procured legally. No animal ivory or tortoise shell will be procured for use in any pieces made by Color and Substance unless it is from salvage, such as ivory piano keys. Customers may provide components for use in pieces if the materials they are supplying are procured in a legal and morally responsible manner.


Gemstones used by Color and Substance are procured through legitimate trade resources. No blood diamonds are used in Color and Substance jewelry.

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