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    "Remember Me"

    Tools in support of moment-to-moment practice of remembrance of the Great One

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    "...my advice, go for samadhi."

    Furniture and accessories for the communion hall

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    Murti Pendants

    Murti pendants page

    Murti pendants and prasad container/lockets


    Malas page

    Rudraksha malas, beads, and necklaces, and mala rings

    Special Projects

    Special projects for Adi Da Samraj page

    A few miscellaneous projects for Bhagavan Adi Da

    Recent Projects

    Brightness Staff

    Brightness staff page

    This staff was made for The Brightness. It was installed there in 2012

    Brightness Staff Stand

    Brightness staff stand page

    This stand was made to secure the Brightness staff vertically. It was installed in 2014.

    Yantra Reliquary

    Ruchira Avatar Paduka Yantra page

    Reliquary which houses original "Da Coin" showing Bhagavan Adi Da in his "Avadhoot Pose".

  • Words

    Stuff to Read


    Stories of living with and serving Avatar Adi Da Samraj.

    Leelas of Avatar Adi Da Samraj

    Who We Is

    Photo of Staff Shaft being worked.

    Crazy Wisdom

    Articles originally published in Crazy Wisdom magazine describing the work of the culture of artisans serving Bhagavan Adi Da Samraj

    Photo of Staff Shaft being worked.

    Getting In Touch

    Questions or comments? Here is where you do it. Also, other information on things like materials that we use, stuff like that.

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