In the fall of 1999 Nara Wood and I decided to combine our creative efforts, create a business, and put up a website. We wanted a name for the business/website that would represent both of our disciplines. During our musings Nara offered up "Color" to represent her watercolor work. I, without thinking, followed with "and Substance" representing the materials that I worked with. Many years later I was listening to an Avataric Discourse of Adi Da Samraj when He uttered the quote above. I was working at my jewelry bench at the time. So, I got up, put the time marker back a couple of minutes, and listened again. Then I smiled and thought to myself, “Looks like Nara and I chose the right name”.

Since then Nara has put up her own site (, you should check it out). And I have made a gallery of articles and jewelry that I and my friends have made over the years. There are many items from the early days of Sacred Fires, and many that were the collaborative efforts of Rebecca Atkinson, Mary Nerney, Jeff Schmidt, and many, many others. Ultimately, I would like to make a website that showcases the work that the artisans of Adidam have done over the years. Bhagavan Adi Da mentioned in 1986 that more people would approach Him via the right brain than the left. He also said that a tradition of art is one of the signs of a mature culture. Many seeds were sewn among the artisans and craftsmen of Adidam.

I am still doing custom work, and there are a number of cast pieces that are available also. I also make fine quality commercial jewelry available at very low cost. Pearls are sold for 10% over wholesale.

There’s a lot of stuff here, and some links to some artisan’s sites here and there.

Sea of Bliss

Watercolor by Nara Wood